Link Love

link love

Some of my favorite links from around the web! Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a lovely weekend!

1.   I enjoyed this story about starting the new year with thanks. (

2.   Why we don’t need resolutions as much as we need real solutions. (

3.   This google year in search video is worth watching. (

4.   Why you should ditch the purell and decline the receipt. (

5.   A great story about dealing with anxiety. (

6.   I really liked these 5 five steps to easily manage the new year. (

7.   Some great advice from Ben Franklin on dealing with bullies and internet trolls. (

8.   Find out the best cooking schools around the world. (

9.   Cinque Terra is one of my favorite places to visit in Italy. (

10.  The best recipes from food bloggers in 2014. (

11.  The question you should never ask a single woman. (

12.  These magic bar brownies are perfect for a Super Bowl party.  (

13.  Do you have Cherry Anginomas? Where do they come from? Are they a “normal part of life” like we’ve been told, or is there something deeper? (

14.  Have you got a gluten, wine, or dairy face? (

15.  Great tips for organizing your online life for a less stressful 2015. (

16.  10 of the Best ‘Dear Sugar’ advice columns by Wild author Cheryl Strayed. (

17.  This movie is really good. (

18.  The hottest health and beauty supplement of 2015 may surprise you. (

19.  The unbreakable Laura Hillenbrand. She is the author of “Unbroken” and “Sea Biscuit“. (

20.  A must read for men and women! Women at Work: A Guide for Men. (

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