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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love.

1. The benefits of celery juice

2. Five carry-on essentials for travelers who love to pack light.

3. The pleasure of Ina Garten.

4. What you need to know before your first trip abroad.

6. How to get through airport security with your skincare routine intact.

5. An Inside Look at the legendary Botox factory in Westport, Ireland.

7. How to make the most of your health care savings account.

8. Where to travel in 2019.

9. Tipping may be the norm but not for hotel housekeepers.

10. 90 second keto bread.

11. The secrets to great customer service.

12. I always love reading Architectural Digest’s top places to travel in 2019.

13. The most anticipated books of 2019.

14. How to avoid yeast infections.

15. Getting scammed by a “celebrity influencer” on Instagram.

16. Hoarding in the time of Marie Kondo.

17. The best hush puppies.

18. Savannah, Georgia travel guide.

19. Airport wifi can be a security nightmare. Here’s what you can do to stop cyber criminals.

20. How Herb Kelleher made the world a whole lot smaller. The Southwest Airlines cofounder was a pioneering entrepreneur who changed the way we travel. He was also a world-class wit, a bon vivant, and a not-so-closet intellectual.

21. Instagram stories tips and tricks.

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