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Link Love 12-26-2014

Some of my favorite links from around the web! Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Happy surfing!

1.   These little known features of Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram , and LinkedIn are very useful. (

2.   Tips for having your best year ever. (

3.   Molly Sims shares her favorite beauty products. (

4.   A behind the scenes look at life as a Rockette. (

5.   Bird Bakery is my favorite bakery in San Antonio. Meet the lovely owner who shares her recipe for the famous monster cookies. (

6.   These almond joy brownies sound delicious. (

7.   A tasty kale chips recipe.  (

8.   This chocolate covered Kahlua cheesecake is perfect for a new year’s eve party. (

9.   This year’s National Geographic Photo Contest Winners. (

10.  Tips for dealing with chronic complainers. (

11.  This list of the best food neighborhoods in the U.S. is worth adding to your bucket list.  (

12.  A great story about finding contentment. (

13.  A fantastic mix tape of the best songs of the year. (

14.  How to update an overloaded iPhone. (

15.  A great L.A. travel guide.  (

16.  The amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar. (

17.  Carrie Underwood’s hair and makeup secrets. (

18.  A great book for kids. (

19.  I am looking forward to seeing this movie. (

20.  After reading UnbrokenCold play’s Chris Martin wrote this song for Louie Zamperini. It’s featured in the movie. I love it! I can’t wait to see the movie. (

What are some of your favorite links this week?


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