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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love.

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1.    Why porn and destroying a name are the same thingBefore you read this essay, bear in mind that it was written long before any of the current American political events.

2.    For older women with breast cancer, surgery may not be the best option.

3.    This paleo pumpkin loaf is perfect for a fall festival party.

4.    Why kids want things.

5.    Fall’s best cookbooks.

6.    The Vampire facial becomes a real horror as spa clients face HIV testing.

7.    How to stay warm on a long haul flight.

8.    What to do if your phone or tablet won’t charge.

9.    Why raising kids around grandparents is beneficial.

10.  The TSA is also plagued by a “toxic” workplace culture where senior officials’ misconduct goes unpunished and those who threaten to speak out face retaliation, according to a report.

11.  What you need to know about the FAA Reauthorization Bill.

12.  Try Kelly’s Buttermilk Biscuits recipe this weekend.

13. is one of those powerful online tools that makes finding the best flights easier.

14.  Typhus reaches epidemic levels in parts of Los Angeles.

15.  36 hours in Nashville.

16.  5 places to go in San José, Costa Rica.

17.  An investigation has found that a large number of Trip Advisor reviews on the site seem to have been uploaded by websites which offer glowing praise for a fee.

18.  These gluten-free crab cakes are easy to prepare.

19.  Loneliness is a serious health problem. The lonely are not just sadder; they are unhealthier and die younger.

20.  The 100 best songs of Q3 2018.

21.  Why facts don’t change people’s minds.

22.  The 100 greatest places to experience this year.

23.  How to get free Kindle books with your library card.

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