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Links I Love 12-19-2014

Some of my favorite stories and recipes from the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a wonderful weekend!

1.   The best photo apps of 2014. (

2.   The best U.S. cities for food. (

3.   Tips to prepare for a power outage. (

4.   The best news apps of 2014. (

5.    A great travel guide for Dallas, Texas. (

6.   This slow cooker enchilada quinoa bake is delicious. (

7.   These gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are one of the recipes in the new book, The Complete Guide To Living Well Gluten Free by Beth Hillson. (

8.   This article is worth reading before your next doctor’s appointment. (

9.   Some very useful tips for fighting the flu. (

10.  Pilot Instagrams are gorgeous. (

11.  What your airplane seat says about your personality. (

12.  A great story of an American who left home and never came back. (

13.  Some great tips for saving money on your next trip to Europe. (

14.  These tips for quick cleaning are helpful. (

15.  The ten most popular states to visit in America. (

16.  A beautiful photo gallery of 60 hours in Paris. (

17.  I think this is a great Christmas tradition. (

18.  I loved this story about the difference between dating a boy vs a man. (

19.  Tools for building a successful friendship. (

20.  11 things your hairdresser wish you knew. (

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