Gifts That Give Back

Gifts That Give Back

I found some great gifts that give back. I love all of these products and feel good knowing my purchase is helping to change the lives of others around the world!  Hope you find some inspiration for your gift giving.

1.   Sevenly donates $7 to charity for each item purchased. I love the beautifully designed t-shirts representing a variety of causes including bullying.

2.  The Giving Keys employ people transitioning out of homelessness. Each one is engraved with an inspirational word, such as love or hope. When you feel someone needs that message more, you pass it on to them and hopefully they’ll do the same for someone else.

3.   Krochet Kids are adorable hats and scarves made by women in Uganda and Peru. Every product made by Krochet Kids is hand-signed by the woman who made it. You can even write her a thank you note after you buy your new favorite beanie.  The company’s goal is to equip people living in poverty with the tools and resources needed to change their circumstances forever. Buy a hat. Change a life.

4.   Warby Parker has distributed more than a million pairs of glasses to those in need through its “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program. The program donates a portion of sales to nonprofits that help empower members of the developing world by training them to conduct vision screenings, educate their communities and sell affordable eyewear. The stylish tortoise sunglasses are a great gift for a jet setter.

5.   The Home T is my favorite comfy t-shirt to wear to Disney world or a casual meet-up to show off my home state pride. The company donates a percentage of profits to multiple sclerosis research.

6.   TOMS brand includes groovy shoes, eyewear, sunglasses, and coffee.  With every product you buy, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One. The coffee is a great gift idea. TOMS Thankful Blend is named after Thankful Day, a tradition that dates back to the beginning of TOMS. Each fall, employees share a meal and express thanks to each other for the friendship, support and camaraderie of the past year.  I love the personal design of the bag that allows you to write what you’re most thankful for in the open space on the coffee bag.  Use this link to receive $20 off your order at TOMS.

7.    Nepali Scarves are one of my favorite scarves to jazz up a casual outfit. Nepali works directly with a team of women in Nepal from villages right outside of Kathmandu. Each piece is handmade by their community of Nepalese women artisans using eco-friendly processes.  Nepali provides their craftswomen with above-market compensation, access to healthcare, and full scholarships for their children to attend school.  They believe that economic freedom and education are tools of empowerment to help women break the cycle of poverty. You may have already spotted their scarves on a few celebs like Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Gwen Stefani and Courteney Cox.

8.   Live FashionABLE Leather Tote  is my new favorite go to bag. I am a big fan of well-crafted leather because of the wear and tear it can take. Also, who doesn’t love a well-aged tote after a year or so of use? There is nothing cooler in my mind. FashionABLE partners with female artisans in Ethiopia to hand craft gorgeous high-quality pieces with materials sourced from the area. The goal is to help Ethiopian women have the necessary means to support their families, to pursue an education, and to live well .

9.   bkr supports the Obakki Foundation, a non-profit organization that uses fashion and creative arts as a fundraising vehicle to bring water and education to people in Africa; the Canary Foundation, supports funding, discovery, and development of tests for early cancer detection; and the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps injured men and women who are returning home from current global conflicts and provides assistance and support to their families. The glass water bottles are BP free and super stylish for the gym, running errands, or work.

10.  Lily and Laura Bracelets are glass beads individually strung then hand crocheted using cotton thread by women in the Kathmundu Valley of Nepal. The company also donates a percentage of the monthly sales of the bracelets to Friends of Maiti Nepal, the U.S. arm of a nongovernmental organization that seeks to end the trafficking of women and girls in the Himalayan nation. Maiti Nepal operates shelters in Kathmandu, where rescued women can get medical care and job training. The organization also works with local law enforcement to prevent sex traffickers from crossing Nepal’s borders.

11.  Live FashionABLE Scarves are handmade by women in Ethiopia who have escaped their previous life of sex trafficking and hopelessness all because of this amazing line. The game day collection features college football team colors. The scarves are great gifts for friends.

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