Gift Guide for the Foodie

Gift Guide For The Foodie

My gift guide for the foodie includes some of my favorite kitchen products guaranteed to please the gourmand on your shopping list.

If you enjoy online shopping, I highly recommend Provisions by Food52. It is an online kitchen boutique created by the ladies behind the popular food blog, Food52.  All of the products are carefully selected. Some items are exclusive to Food52. Provisions is definitely a foodie paradise.

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1.   The Cook’s One Line A Day Five Year Culinary Memory Book is the perfect journal for the foodie.

2.   What the Chef Says is an entertaining book for a chef or food lover filled with quotes from famous chefs like Julia Child.

3.    State Shaped Cutting Boards from AHeirloom are a personal reminder of a special place. Add an engraved heart or star over your chosen town or city.

4.   A Glass Pasta Pot is a cool way to cook pasta.

5.   State Shaped Slate Cheese Boards are perfect for entertaining and a great conversation starter.

6.   The Emile Henry Pizza Stone produces perfectly crispy crusts and doubles as a cutting surface. I have tried several pizza pans for baking gluten-free pizzas, and the Emile Henry is my favorite.  This pizza stone is micro-crazed, with a flame-top glaze that makes clean up easy. Stone provides even, radiant heat essential to a perfect crispy crust.

7.   The Crate and Barrel Cookbook Stand is the best way to protect cookbooks from splatter and other kitchen messes. I also use mine to protect my iPad when I am using a recipe I saved on my iPad apps or Evernote. It is well made and folds up nicely for easy storage.

8.   This Cast Iron Drop Biscuit Pan is perfect for making biscuits. It features 7 round holes — fill each one with your batter and each biscuit will come out perfectly shaped. I also use mine to make gluten-free corn bread and muffins. This pan is the secret to delicious biscuits, corn bread and muffins.

9.   The Vegetarian Flavor Bible includes history lessons, cooking techniques, nutrition guides, recipes, and detailed flavor profiles of hundreds of plant-based foods.   The Flavor Bible lists which flavors pair well with others. It’s a reference book, not a recipe book, but it’s a fantastic way to learn about flavor combinations and how to best use ingredients.  I can’t recommend these book enough for a person that enjoys cooking.

10.   This walnut butter knife is one of my favorite kitchen tools. The rounded stainless steel head spreads condiments evenly. I love that one side features a serrated edge for slicing a sandwich.

11.  This walnut pizza rocker will cut the perfect slice of pizza. When I was in Italy, the pizza makers used a pizza rocker to cut the delicious pies.

12.  Hedley and Bennet Aprons are the best aprons. I have a navy and white polka dot design.

13.  Fat Toad Caramel is my favorite caramel. I use it for making turtles, ice cream desserts, and brownies.

14.  Staub Oval Crockette is my go-to Dutch oven. The oval design is great for cooking soup, stews, beans, and braising meat.

15.  A CuisiPro Swivel Peeler is the best tool to peel a variety of fruits and vegetables. This design is heavier than some of the other brands and works really well for peeling apples, pears and other fruits and veggies.

16.  CIA Side Towels are thick and super absorbent. These 100% cotton towels are now a staple in my kitchen. I’ve used them to dry dishes, to grab hot pot handles or just dry my hands.  These towels are my best friend in the kitchen.

17.  Cherry Bombe is my favorite food magazine. Cherry Bombe is a beautifully designed magazine that celebrates women and food. A magazine gift subscription is a great idea to gift the food lover in your life. I also recommend the podcast, Radio Cherry Bombe. The podcast brings the pages of Cherry Bombe magazine to life via conversation with some of the most interesting women in the world of food.

18.  The Turk Forged Criss Cross Iron Fry Pan is my favorite frying pan. The iron retains heat and cooks evenly. This pan is also incredibly versatile and can be used in the oven right after taking it off the stove.

19.  Rancho Gordo Beans are the best beans grown in Mexico from small farmers. Many restaurants and chefs across the country use these beans exclusively.

20.  The CuisiPro Julienne Slicer will easily remove the outer skin of all types of  fruit and veggies.

What are some of your favorite kitchen tools?

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