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My latest edition of things I love include some of my favorite finds. From a fashionable clutch for travel to loveable gifts to give and get, check out some of the things I’m loving lately.

1.    Sonix iPhone 6 Case: Sonix makes cases for all types of iPhones and Samsung Galaxies, so check out all of their adorable cases.

2.   Lulu Frost Single Mesh Necklace: I am crazy about Lulu Frost jewelry. I love the vintage modern pieces.

3.   Keep Cup Brew Glass Coffee Cup: Baristas love Keep Cups because they match the standard sizes. Coffee lovers enjoy the taste without the waxy plastic used on disposable cups. Many coffee shops are now giving discounts when you bring your own Keep Cup. With a spill proof closure, they are an excellent coffee travel mug. A percentage of profits benefit Coffee Kids, a global charity that develops projects to promote health, education, economic diversification, food security, and capacity-building across Latin America.

4.   Honey and Bloom Jewelry: I love the heart necklace and heart bracelet. These pieces are well made and so lovely.

5.   “Milk Bar” by Christina Tosi: Momofuku Milk Bar is a popular bakery in New York City. This cookbook includes the recipes for the innovative, addictive cookies, pies, cakes, ice creams, and more from the bakery. The compost cookies are crack pie recipes are the most popular in the cookbook.

6.   Wildfox Couture Cafarer Tortoise Sunglasses: I like the vintage and edgy design of Wildfox Couture. These sunglasses are super stylish. I love wearing mine.

7.   Yosi Samar Dusty Metallic Snake PrintFoldable Flat: Yosi Samra Ballet Flats are absolute must-haves! Chic, comfortable, and convenient to carry in a tote bag. These shoes are not for doing a lot of walking. If you wear high heel shoes for work, they are ideal to wear for your commute and at your desk. I keep mine in my tote bag while traveling. I change into the flats on my layovers when I need a cute shoe to wear in a store or restaurant instead of my walking shoes. I also wear them in my hotel room.

8.   Biscuit Cutter: These beautiful biscuit cutters are made by a pastor in Maine.

9.   These Bars Save Lives: A delicious, healthy snack and each one purchased helps feed a child in need. The gourmet bars include gluten-free, non-GMO, fair trade ingredients from the best farms around.

10.  Annabel Ingall Leyla Clutch: This leather clutch is so great for travel. The design includes seven separate pockets with one zipper closure  on the inside and a strap closure on the outside of the clutch.

11.  I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthaladorable: This book is so sweet and a perfect gift for a graduate, child or even a coffee table book!

12. Eat Pastry Cookie Dough: This vegan cookie dough is the best. They also have a gluten-free cookie dough. My favorite is the gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough.

What are some of your favorite things?

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    1. Thanks for reading! I have a guilty pleasure of baking these when I get home late from work. I love warm chocolate chip cookies.

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