Chic Summer Hats

chic summer hats

If you know me, you know I love to wear hats year round. A chic hat is a great accessory. I like to wear a hat to save time styling my hair, especially on bad hair days. I also appreciate the added sun protection a hat provides.

I hear a lot of people say “but I don’t look good in hats, so I’m not a hat person.” The secret to loving, and looking great in a hat is finding the right shape for your face.

A few of my favorite hat stores include Goorin Bros. for quality handmade hats. Asos carries a good selection of affordable and fashionable hats. I also love the new Draper James hat collection.

Here are a few of my favorite chic summer hats that I own, and a few on my wish list listed below:

1.    Sensi Studio Lady Ibiza Toquilla Straw Floppy ($235) – I love the pom poms on this hat. This one is on my wish list. I think it is perfect to wear while relaxing at the pool or on the beach. (

2.    Gottex Vivienne Bow ($85) – A lovely hat for a Southern belle. (

3.    Sensi Studio Classic Toquilla Straw Panama ($87) – A colorful hat to wear on vacation or an outdoor event.  (

4.    Lola Horchata ($245) – If you need a hat for an al fresco lunch with your honey, a lazy day at the beach or making the festival circuit, this is the one! (

5.    Helen Kaminski Leilani Fedora ($325) – A timeless classic that pairs will with any casual outfit. (

6.    Rag and Bone Panama Hat ($230) –  I love this design. (

7.    Sensi Studio Classic Panama Beaded Straw ($165) – Pack this one for a cruise or a tropical destination. (

8.    Goorin Bros. Mrs. Franklin Floppy ($55) –  One of my favorite hats. I love a big floppy hat styled with a pretty dress. (

9.    Eric Javits Daphne Wide-Brim Fedora ($295) – I love this look for a summer wedding or a social event. (

10.  Draper James Pierre Renoir Boat ($140) – This one is perfect for a day on the water. (

11.   Valdes Red Vivi Weaved Panama Hat ($132) – I love this look for a vacation to Mexico or South America. (

12.   Melissa Odabash EJ Fedora ($152) – A funky hat to pair with denim, shorts, or a blazer. (

13.   Sunbody Handwoven Guatemalan Palm ($79) – Look chic gardening or corralling the horses with this stylish design. (

14.   Goorin Bros. April Rose Fedora ($55) – I like this design to pair with denim. (

15.   J Crew Straw Panama ($58) – This one never goes out of style. (

16.   Sunbody Casablanca Guatemalan Palm Leaf Straw ($55) – A cool hat for gardening or outdoor activities. (

Question of the Day:

Which one tickles your fancy?


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2 thoughts on “Chic Summer Hats

  1. I love that hats have come back into style! They really do protect your face and keep you cool in the summer. It saved me big time when we were in NYC last summer!

    1. You look great wearing a hat! I love the picture of you wearing a hat on your blog intro. I think hats are my favorite accessory. Take care!

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