Chic Summer Hats

chic summer hats

If you know me, you know I love to wear hats year round. A chic hat is a great accessory. I like to wear a hat to save time styling my hair, especially on bad hair days. I also appreciate the added sun protection a hat provides.

I hear a lot of people say “but I don’t look good in hats, so I’m not a hat person.” The secret to loving, and looking great in a hat is finding the right shape for your face.

A few of my favorite hat stores include Goorin Bros. for quality handmade hats. Asos carries a good selection of affordable and fashionable hats. I also love the new Draper James hat collection.

Here are a few of my favorite chic summer hats that I own, and a few on my wish list listed below:

1.    Sensi Studio Lady Ibiza Toquilla Straw Floppy ($235) – I love the pom poms on this hat. This one is on my wish list. I think it is perfect to wear while relaxing at the pool or on the beach. (

2.    Gottex Vivienne Bow ($85) – A lovely hat for a Southern belle. (

3.    Sensi Studio Classic Toquilla Straw Panama ($87) – A colorful hat to wear on vacation or an outdoor event.  (

4.    Lola Horchata ($245) – If you need a hat for an al fresco lunch with your honey, a lazy day at the beach or making the festival circuit, this is the one! (

5.    Helen Kaminski Leilani Fedora ($325) – A timeless classic that pairs will with any casual outfit. (

6.    Rag and Bone Panama Hat ($230) –  I love this design. (

7.    Sensi Studio Classic Panama Beaded Straw ($165) – Pack this one for a cruise or a tropical destination. (

8.    Goorin Bros. Mrs. Franklin Floppy ($55) –  One of my favorite hats. I love a big floppy hat styled with a pretty dress. (

9.    Eric Javits Daphne Wide-Brim Fedora ($295) – I love this look for a summer wedding or a social event. (

10.  Draper James Pierre Renoir Boat ($140) – This one is perfect for a day on the water. (

11.   Valdes Red Vivi Weaved Panama Hat ($132) – I love this look for a vacation to Mexico or South America. (

12.   Melissa Odabash EJ Fedora ($152) – A funky hat to pair with denim, shorts, or a blazer. (

13.   Sunbody Handwoven Guatemalan Palm ($79) – Look chic gardening or corralling the horses with this stylish design. (

14.   Goorin Bros. April Rose Fedora ($55) – I like this design to pair with denim. (

15.   J Crew Straw Panama ($58) – This one never goes out of style. (

16.   Sunbody Casablanca Guatemalan Palm Leaf Straw ($55) – A cool hat for gardening or outdoor activities. (

Question of the Day:

Which one tickles your fancy?



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