My Favorite Beauty Products 2020

Here’s a roundup of my favorite new beauty products. I hope you find the information helpful and maybe some new products to add to your beauty regimen.

1.     Osmosis’s Beauty Recovery Omega and Fat Pad Renewal Elixir: Recovery is a game-changer for me. It has made a significant improvement in my digestive health. My nails have also started to grow longer. After using a couple of months, I have noticed my face and neck are tighter.

Osmosis Beauty’s Recovery is formulated to restore gut health, microbiome balance and plump the fat pads in the face and neck that cause wrinkles and aging. Recovery can replace much of the facial volume loss that occurs with aging. By restoring critical nutrients to reactivate fat cells, Recovery alleviates the need for volume fillers while creating a much more natural, youthful appearance. Recovery’s nutraceutical properties also help restore your unique probiotic population and provides essential fatty acids, like omega-7, supporting health and cellular function.

2.    Foleo Luna: I use the Foleo facial cleansing silicon brush for my second cleanse. There is a light vibration that helps with lymphatic drainage. I don’t like the Clarisonic because the brushes harbor bacteria and are too abrasive on the skin. If you are inflamed or have a lot of breakouts, use the device sparingly until the skin improves.

3.    Osmosis Beauty’s Epic Skin Tool: Micro-needling has become a popular at-home treatment to promote deeper penetration of skincare products, but it wounds the skin, causing potentially permanent damage to the skin barrier. The Epic Skin Tool is designed to maximize the performance of skincare by promoting deeper penetration of active ingredients, without wounding the skin’s barrier or compromising skin health.

The device is meant to be used after applying skincare serums and treatment products and allow time for these to dry. Wet skin is not ideal because it can slip and scratch the skin if it is too wet. The EPIC can be used safely on the face and all body areas. However, you want to use gently on the nose and extremely gently on the eyelids, or skip these areas altogether.

I purchased the device to get the maximum benefit out of my skincare serums.

4.    Jade Roller: A great tool to start for beginners. Jade doesn’t really do anything to your skin, but the jade stone is cool to the touch, so by rolling it across the face the cold temperature promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and reduces puffiness. Instead of rolling outward, try to massage back and forth to work out the wrinkles. I like to use my jade roller for depuffing the eyes. I store my roller in the refrigerator.

It is important to keep the jade roller disinfected.

5.    Gua Sha: My favorite tool for lymphatic drainage and facial massage. I use the Gua Sha tool designed by Cecily Braden, creator of the Gua Sha Facial Fusion method.

Guasha is an ancient healing technique used for clearing blockages, creating space and movement in the underlying structures so that the skin can function better. By increasing movement through guasha massage, the skin is able to naturally clear blockages that lead to acne, Rosacea, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and overall strengthening the immunity of the skin.

To use, gently glide the tool across the skin and down the sides of the neck. A Gua Sha facial works on the face’s connective tissue, the facial fascia, which helps lift and release the facial muscles. The routine, when done right, increases circulation, plumps the skin, and removes blockages.

I recommend viewing Cecily’s tutorials on Instagram. Danna Omari also designed her own Gua Sha tool. Dani has several instructional videos on Instagram.

6.    Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Tool: The Dermaplaning Tool features replaceable blades that safely remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells for instantly smoother, softer, more luminous skin. By removing dead cell buildup, dermaplaning allows your skincare products to fully absorb into the skin— boosting the efficacy of the products you already own. It is a cost-effective tool to save money on the expensive dermaplaing treatments at a spa. I use the device sparingly to remove peach fuzz on my face.

7.    Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn: Living Libations best-selling skin elixir contains omega fatty acids, vitamins, lipids, and hundreds of bioactive compounds. I use this cleanser for oil cleansing. It leaves my skin radiant.

This video tutorial explains each step for proper oil cleansing.

8.    Pickles Ointment: This ointment effectively removes painful corns and calluses.

9.    Mavala Nail Polish Thinner: This nail polish thinner restores ideal consistency to nail polish and makes it easier to apply in thin coats. Two thin coats will last longer rather than one thick coat of nail polish that will flake or peel within a couple of days. If your nail polish is too thick, add 2 to 3 drops of the product and shake well. Let it stand for 20 minutes.

10. Facial Reflexology Tool: I recently purchased a facial reflexology tool.  Facial Reflexology aims to relax and help remove stress by assisting the body to heal and rebalance itself. During facial reflexology, gentle pressure is applied to different reflex zones and reflexology points on the face.

I recommend watching Danna Omari’s webinar and following her on Instagram for more instructional videos. I also recommend watching Jackie Van Ruler’s YouTube channel for additional training.

11. High Frequency: The “Zit Zapper” is used by professionals to kill bacteria, ease inflammation, and boost circulation through ozone gas. Use a few times a week or when needed. Do not use if you are pregnant or have a history of heart disease.

I recommend watching this instructional video to learn how to use the device for the best results.

12. Cosmedix Opti Crystal Eye Serum: This is my favorite eye serum. It contains copper, spin trap, and alpha lipoic acid which is a powerful antioxidant. It’s firming and hydrating. You only need one drop on each eye.

Click here to find out more of my favorite beauty products.

P.S. What are some of your favorite beauty products?

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Flight Attendant’s Favorite Beauty Products

Favorite Beauty Products

Here’s a roundup of some of my current favorite beauty products.

1.     PERIOBRITE MOUTH WASH: I use this alcohol-free mouth wash. It helps to heal receding gums.

2.    DEEPLY ROOTED HAIR SUPPLEMENT: I switched to this hair supplement due to age-related thinning hair. You must take four vitamins per day to see results after a couple of weeks. It takes about three months to really see a difference. It’s also helpful for people with hair loss due to hormonal issues, thyroid problems and nutritional deficiencies.

3.    GRANDE LASH BROW GROWTH SERUM: I put it on morning and night, twice a day. It’s like a clear liquid, and you put it on like eyeliner. It takes a couple of weeks to see results. Lash extensions are too expensive and damage the lashes. Grande Lash is the best natural option for growing longer lashes. I also use Grande Brow Serum.

4.    KEVIN AUCOIN BROW PENCIL: If you have sparse eyebrows, or close to no eyebrows at all, this tool will help you create natural-looking eyebrows.

5.    CELANDINE EXTRACT: This is the best natural treatment for corns, ingrown hairs and skin tags. You must use it twice a day. I use a Q tip for application. The herb has a strong odor. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes.

6.    TWEEZERS: These tweezers were designed by one of New York’s top brow artists, Sania Vucetaj. Sania is known for beautiful natural full brows. I like the slant on the tweezers that make it easy to remove unwanted hair.

7.    IMAGE SKINCARE SPF 50 SUN PROTECTION: I use this sunscreen if I am going outdoors for an extended amount of time. It is not oily and does not irritate my skin. It also does not smell bad. Many of the sunscreens on the market clog my pores. Image Skincare provides safe products without the use of chemical preservatives like parabens.

I also use Osmosis Sun Defense Elixer.

8.    IMAGE SKINCARE HYDRATING HYDROGEL SHEET MASK: The perfect mask to use before a special event for glowing skin. These are great to use after a long flight to hydrate skin.

9.    ELECTRIC CALLUS REMOVER: This electric callus remover easily removes dead, rough, and coarse skin.

10.  DMK PORE REDUCTION DROPS: I use this product to keep my pores on my nose clean. DMK pore reduction drops work to tighten pores without stripping the skin of natural oils. Unlike other pore minimizing products, DMK pore reduction drops do not contain astringents, alcohols or abrasives, which can strip the skin of those natural oils which often increases the skins oil production.

DMK products can only be purchased from a physician or esthetician. I order DMK from Sandra Velandia. You can search for a DMK clinic in your area, here.

11.  OSMOSIS DNA REPAIR C SERUM: I have been using this age-defying serum for over a decade because it works. It heals broken capillaries around the nose and helps diminish brown spots. It also helps with DNA repair and building collagen.

Apply the serum before bedtime to face and neck including eye area, quickly smooth over skin and allow product to absorb.

Vitamin C is extremely unstable in the presence of heat, light, and air, so the bottle that contains the serum needs to be glass or thick plastic and must only be in a pump bottle. The concentration of the serum needs to range from 10% to 20% to be effective.

12.  IMAGE SKINCARE ORMEDIC LIP BALANCING OINTMENT: This is one of the most popular products from Image Skincare. It feels amazing on chapped lips and provides lasting moisture for continued healing. It also contains a polypeptide complex that supports collagen in the lips, so they look naturally firm and full.  It contains zero silicones, parabens or petrochemicals.

Click here to find out more of my favorite beauty products.

P.S. What are some of your favorite beauty products?

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My Favorite Beauty Products

Favorite Beauty Products

Here’s a roundup of some of my current favorite beauty products.

1.     TANGLE TEASER DETANGLER: I use this brush in the shower. You can use it to detangle, and it can be used to help evenly distribute shampoos, conditioners, and treatments through your strands.

2.    AQUIS LISSE LUXE HAIR TOWEL: It absorbs more water from your hair post-shower and therefore cuts down on drying time.

3.    SILKE HAIR TIES: These ties are so pretty and protect my hair from damage.

4.    OUI RAZOR: I use this razor to avoid ingrown hairs and irritation. It’s weighted and comes with thin, interchangeable blades for the closest, smoothest shave.

5.    NO CREASE HAIR CLIPS: Since, I use Revolve hair treatment for hair growth, I have new hair growth. After blow drying the front section of my hair, I use these clips to smooth out the short hairs. I leave the clips in my hair until I finish blow drying the rest of my hair. I use this serum after I style my hair. I also take Nutrofol. I experienced hair loss due to thyroid disease. Once I started supplementing, my hair loss eventually stopped.

6.    SAIAN ACNE SPOT REMOVER: This acne spot treatment treats break-outs overnight. Kills germs and bacteria, disinfects and dries blemishes to treat even the most severe and cystic acne without leaving red spots and discoloration. No added color, fragrance, glycerin, fillers or preservatives.

7.    OSMOSIS EYE MAKEUP REMOVER: I use several products from Osmosis. The Melt Away Gelee is my favorite eye makeup remover. It does not irritate my eyes and removes mascara easily. I leave it on a few minutes then remove it with a cotton pad.

8.    MUJI TRAVEL CONTAINERS: I use these travel containers for my beauty products and toiletry items. Before I discovered the Muji brand, I used the Container Store travel containers. I did not like the mess with some of the containers leaking during flight due to pressurization. The Muji containers do not leak if sealed properly.

9.    ETURE COTTON PUFFS: Each one is like a little pillow and the fluff never ever comes out of the sides or ends up on your lashes.

10.  HEROINE MAKE MASCARA: I really love this mascara. It never clumps. You can’t really compare its effects to eyelash extensions or fake eyelashes. However, it’s one of the best drugstore mascaras that you can buy. I use Osmosis Eye Makeup Remover to take it off at the end of the day.

11.  DYSON AIRWRAP: I have made an effort to protect my hair from heat damage by investing in the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and Dyson Airwrap. The Dyson Airwrap is easy to use. It’s clipless and sucks your hair onto the wand, and as you move the wand closer to your scalp, it automatically curls hair around the wand. No twirling, clipping, or wrapping. I also recommend the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. Both products keep my hair smooth and healthy looking.

12.  PRETTY PERFECT INSTANT BRONZE: Tracy Anderson uses this self-tanner. It’s quick drying, easy to use, all natural and gives you the perfect bronze and glow. It also does not smell bad. I use a sponge to smooth out the product after application.

Click here to find out more of my favorite beauty products.

P.S. What are some of your favorite beauty products?

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My Favorite Beauty Products

Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite beauty products.

1.    GRANDE COSMETICS GRANDEBROW FILL: GrandeBrow FILL is a tinted brush-on gel made with fibers and peptides. The gel adheres to even the finest hairs, leaving them fuller and more defined with a single application. This helps to shape and build your brows leaving them looking natural, while filling in thinning areas. Available in Light & Dark Shades. This is my secret to filling in my brows naturally.

2.    BRAVON MAGNETIC EYE PRIMER: I have tried lots of eye primers and this one is my favorite. Sometimes I just apply the eye primer and do not wear any eyeshadow. It makes the eyes look that good. It is the secret to flawless eye makeup application that will last for hours.

Bravon Beauty was founded by Bravon Pascua. He’s also a former model and was the International Makeup Artist and Trainer for Bare Escentuals. This brand has a similar price range but has much higher-quality products. 

Bravon’s cosmetics are paraben-free and have been composed using high performance, professional grade formulations.

3.    BRAVON BEAUTY PIGMENT EYESHADOWS: The colors are beautiful and stay on all day. I work in an industry that requires makeup for very long days. I need a product that does not crease, flake or irritate my eyes.

Be sure to follow Bravon Beauty on social media for makeup tips.

4.    ESSIE GEL COUTURE POLISH: I switched to Essie Gel Couture Polish for my at home manicures. It lasts longer than regular polish and is easy to apply. My favorite color is Perfectly Poised. I apply two coats of polish followed by Essie Gel Couture Top Coat.

5.    DERMA ROLLER 0.25 MM SKIN PEN: Dermaroller is a hand-held Microneedling roller with a surface of tiny needles. It helps to reduce acne scars and large pores. The Derma Roller is a far less intrusive version of the micro-needling procedure that costs hundreds of dollars for a single treatment. My makeup looks better since I started using the Derma Roller. The Derma Roller 0.25 is for beginners.

You need to replace a Derma Roller used on the face after around ten uses to keep treatment as efficient as possible.

6.    STIMULATE HONEYCOMB BATH MITT: I use this bath mitt in the shower. It’s made of thermoplastic urethane, so it’s long lasting, antifungal, antibacterial and quick drying.

7.    VANITY GIRL HOLLYWOOD TRAVEL SIZE MAKEUP MIRROR: I use the Vanity Girl Hollywood makeup mirror to apply my makeup in hotel rooms. Since I work early mornings sometimes, natural light is not available so this mirror really helps. It’s about the size of a tablet with soft dimmable lighting.

I use the full size Vanity Girl Mirror at home.

8.    INVISIBOBBLE HAIR TIE: I use these hair ties instead of the ribbon ties that tend to break my hair. The Invisibobble hair ties do not crimp my hair like a regular hair tie would.

9.    DYSON HAIR DRYER: I switched to the Dyson hair dryer. I think it’s better than Harry Josh. Dyson’s new model is quieter and less damaging to the hair, thanks to its intelligent heat control system, plus it looks pretty, too. I always travel with my hairdryer. It’s not worth damaging my hair with a cheap hotel version.

10.  SHOWER CAP: Yes, this is the chicest shower cap ever.  The beautiful designs are an upgrade from the tacky, ruffled, hair protectors of days past.

11.  EXTENSIONOLOGY HAIR EXTENSIONS: This line of hair extensions look so natural. They were designed by Anh Co Tran and Johnny Ramirez of the famous Hollywood Ramirez Tran Salon. After dealing with coloring extensions to match their clients’ hair color, Anh and Johnny decided to create their own pre-colored extensions. The extensions come in two different lengths, 18 inches and 20 inches. These extensions aren’t as fine as standard extensions. Instead, they’re a mix of European and Asian hair. The extensions need to be retaped every 2-3 months. The hair itself lasts six months to a year.

12.  SHEILA STOTTS WOOD HANDLE APPLICATION BRUSH: This brush was created for people with extensions since extensions tangle so easily, but the secret is that this brush is amazing on all types of hair. Since our hair is the most delicate when it’s wet, using a brush that’s gentle on the follicles and scalp is key. This brush doesn’t pull and break the hair, and it lasts longer than the plastic versions by other brands.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

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My Favorite Beauty Products

Favorite Beauty Products

I enjoy reading about beauty and wellness products, and I do a lot of research before I purchase a product. I also switch up beauty products seasonally. As I get older, I am challenged to find new products to help with different issues. Here’s a roundup of my favorite new beauty products. I hope you find the information helpful and maybe some new products to add to your beauty regimen. Continue reading “My Favorite Beauty Products”

Best Travel Size Beauty Products

Susan Ciminelli Travel Size Essentials

Today is the first installment of a new series featuring my favorite travel size products.

For my skincare essentials, I love using products from Susan Ciminelli to help my skin with hydration and stress associated with long days on an airplane and jetlag. Susan Ciminelli’s treatments and products have become a favorite among celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Martha Stewart. Susan’s book, “The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin” offers a detailed map of exactly how to get the skin of your dreams.

Algae is at the heart of the Ciminelli brand.  Susan was introduced to it in Europe where she learned about a seaweed treatment called thalassotherapy. This commitment to natural ingredients and diet is what I love about Susan Ciminelli’s philosophy. She believes that you can’t achieve her signature “Ciminelli Glow” unless you’re eating clean and putting pure ingredients on your skin. She prescribes to the belief that true beauty comes from within.

You can book a treatment at one of her beauty clinics in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Here are five of Susan Ciminelli’s travel size beauty products to help keep your complexion glowing and radiant while traveling. A travel set is available to provide a full range of benefits while on-the-go.

Continue reading “Best Travel Size Beauty Products”

My Pink Nail Polish Picks


My job requires me to keep my nails looking good. Since I wear a navy dress at work, I prefer a milky white and pink nail polish to match my uniform. I find the light pink colors look good on all skin tones and complement any color outfit. I also save a lot of money by polishing my nails myself. I found some excellent products for a DIY manicure. I use Honeybee Natural Nail Polish Remover and Qtica Intense Hand Rejuvenating Peel. I use melted coconut oil to make a homemade hand scrub. I massage my cuticles with Replenish Organic Nail and Cuticle Oil daily. I believe the constant use of hand sanitizer weakens nails so I use Londontown Kur Nail Hardener. I also like Londontown Kur Protective Top Coat and Londontown Kur Accelerating Drying Oil. The entire line of Londontown Kur products are non-toxic.

I use only non-toxic nail polish products. Our nails and skin are very porous, especially when wet. “3 Free” does not contain Dibutyl PhthalateToluene, and Formaldehyde. “5 Free” does not contain Dibutyl PhthalateTolueneFormaldehydeFormaldehyde Resin, and Camphor. Read more about these toxic ingredients here.

Occasionally, I will treat myself to a spa manicure. I am very picky about nail salons. Most are not sanitary and smell bad due to the toxic chemicals. My favorite organic nail salons are Mia Combe and JuJu Salon in Philadelphia. I also recommend Orla at Salon Ciseaux in Winter Park, Florida. She uses Zoya natural nail polish and nail care treatments.

The one question I get asked the most on the airplane is “What kind of nail polish is that?” My favorite nail polish is Essie Fiji. It is a creamy pink that also looks good on toes. I also wear Essie Ballet Slippers. It is a lovely, natural looking pink color. I recommend three coats. If you like Shellac, try CND Romantique with a coat of CND Cream Puff on top. It creates the look of a mix between Ballet Slippers and Fiji.

Continue reading “My Pink Nail Polish Picks”