Best Buys 2022

The products below are my best buys for 2022.

  1. MiiR Mugs: I think MiiR makes the best-insulated coffee mugs. I like their line of Camp Cups because they come with a lid, but I also have their Flip Traveler for long walks and car rides.
  2. Hoka Bondi 8 Running Shoes: The most comfortable running shoe. I 10/10 recommend this running shoe.
  3. Great Jones Baking Dish: It makes cleanup easy. It comes with a silicone baking sheet, and cleanup is so easy.
  4. Real NAD+Lozenges: NAD+ has been dubbed by many as the “Fountain of Youth.” NAD+ is present in all living cells, and a significant body of research suggests longevity may be boosted through NAD+ supplementation. David Sinclair, the co-director at the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical, has stated that NAD+ is “the closest we’ve gotten to a fountain of youth.” People across the U.S. have been traveling to Southeast Louisiana to get this supplement for many years to treat everything from addiction to Alzheimer’s. Watch this video and read more about NAD+ here. I buy my Real NAD+Lozenges at Archway Pharmacy in Mandeville, Louisiana. Mail order is available.
  5. Birdie Safety Alarm: When threatened, activate Birdie’s loud siren and flashing strobe light to create a diversion and to help deter an attack. It’s great for travel.
  6. Beaumont City Bike: A stylish bike for cruising around town.
  7. Sal’s Red GravySal’s Red Gravy is from a fabulous Italian restaurant in Lacombe, Louisiana. It’s sold at most grocery stores in South Louisiana and Publix grocery stores. You can also order online.
  8. Blue Bottle Instand Espresso: Finally, a great-tasting instant espresso perfect for travel.
  9. Riemot Travel Cup Holder: This luggage drink holder can “hold” your coffee, water, or beverage hands-free without spilling.
  10. Ionic Tooth Brush: The ionic toothbrush cleans differently from the standard manual or electric toothbrush, which uses brushing and friction to remove food buildup and plaque. The manual brush’s ionic toothbrush has an ionic charge that ionizes your saliva. It momentarily reverses the polarity of the tooth exterior from negative to positive, repelling plaque from the teeth and pulling it towards the negatively charged toothbrush head.
  11. LED safety vestI use this cool safety vest for night runsbike rides, and walking.
  12. Oat Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix: The best-tasting gluten-free/non-dairy chocolate chip cookie mix.

Here’s a list of my top gifts and more of my best buys in 2022:

  1. Ratio Six Coffee MakerRatio Six comes in three colors; white, black, and stainless steel. I love the white design. The Ratio Six Coffee Maker simulates a skilled barista pour-over process, precisely metering water flow through both the bloom and brew phases. It’s a top-rated product. I purchased this coffee maker for my dad.
  2. Turkey and the Wolf Flavor Trippin’ in New Orleans: This is a fun cookbook with mouth-watering Southern recipes from Chef Mason Hereford’s popular restaurant Turkey and the Wolf in New Orleans. My favorite cookbook in 2022.
  3. Foot MassagerIt’s the best foot massager.
  4. Catbird Ring: Catbird is one of my favorite jewelry stores in New York.
  5. Bartesian Cocktail MakerWith the Bartesian cocktail Maker, you can experience the quality ingredients, and premium pours you’d expect from a cocktail lounge. See my list of alcohol-free spirits here.
  6. Negroni Candle: The bittersweet scents of pink grapefruit and orange blossom, are balanced with aromatic citrus oils & cardamom to form a fragrance emblematic of the golden hour of Aperitivo. My favorite scent in 2022.
  7. Stanley Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler 40 OZ: I’ve purchased many water bottles over the years. This one is my favorite. It helps me drink more water.
  8. Cure: New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ’Em from the Award-Winning BarFrom the foremost figure on the New Orleans’ drinking scene and the owner of renowned bar Cure, a cocktail book that celebrates the vibrant city.
  9. Apple Watch Band: My favorite Apple watch band.
  10. Solo Stove Outdoor Fire Pit: It’s easy to light with an almost smoke-free burn.
  11. Inku Cocktail Glasses by Sergio Herman for SeraxThese glasseare delicate, tulip-shaped glasses. They are so popular and sell out fast.
  12. Hatch Restore: It’s a bedside lamp, a sound machine, and a sunrise alarm, all in one compact device.
  13. Cuyana Slim Wrislet Wallet: For the woman on the go, this wallet comes with a detachable wristlet and pocket for your phone. I like to add monogramming for a personal touch.
  14. Riemot Travel Cup Holder: The perfect gift for a flight attendant or pilot. This luggage drink holder can “hold” your coffee, water, or any beverage hands-free without spilling.
  15. Ooni Pizza Oven: This pizza oven makes a delicious pizza.
  16. Hoka Bondi 8 Running Shoes: The most comfortable running shoe.
  17. CLQ Chair: It’s the best portable chair. Weighs less than your average beach and camping chair. This lounge chair rapidly packs up to the size of a water bottle. I just ordered one for beach days.

What were your best buys in 2022? Leave a comment below.

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