Best Buys 2021


Here are the best products I purchased in 2021:

1.  Aurora Liposomal Glutathione: I started supplementing with Liposomal Glutathione after reading Dr. Ben Lynch’s book, Dirty Genes. He’s a brilliant doctor. I have not been sick in a long time. It works. It also helps with the detoxification of the liver. This article published in Science Direct explains the efficacy of glutathione in the prevention of COVID-19 pneumonia.

2.   Caddis Blue Light Blocking Glasses: I like this design of blue light-blocking glasses to protect my eyes from screen time. Caddis lenses block 45% of harmful blue light at and surrounding, the most harmful wavelength (455 nm). This is more than other brands. The lens is nearly clear, which is hard to do. The anti-reflective coating helps to mitigate reflections and glare. The coating is designed to prevent smudging.

3.   Somavedic: This is a fantastic product to use in your home, hotel room, car or office for protection against harmful EMFs. I also place a glass or plastic water bottle next to the device for the night. I’ll drink the water room temperature the following morning and during the day. It helps with detoxification.

4.   Sauna Space: My favorite sauna for gentle, effective detoxification.

5.  Living Libations Ozonated Healthy Gum Gel: I use this gel to help receding gums.

6.  Ice Cream Maker: This machine is easy to clean. I love the old-fashioned ice cream makers, but they require salt and ice. This device makes ice cream without salt and ice.

7.  GE Opal Ice Maker: I purchased this ice machine on Amazon Prime Day. It makes ice fast and makes a drink cold, quickly. I use the ice for lattes, smoothies, and other beverages.

8.  Lululemon Fleece Running Tights: Since I like to run, I needed some warm tights for Baltimore and my layovers in the winter months. This pair from Lululemon is not only warm but comfortable.

9.  Panther Coffee East Coast Espresso: This is the espresso I use at home with my Breville espresso maker. Panther Coffee is located in Miami.

10. Thera O3 Bubbler: I use this device for food and water sterilization.

11. Silent Pocket Faraday Sleeve for iPhone: I use the silent pocket Faraday Sleeve for privacy protection.

12. Thera O3 Air Tech: This portable device is an affordable option for ozone therapy. There are so many benefits to ozone therapy. Read more about ozone therapy here.

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