Link Love

link love

Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great weekend, friends!

1.    Why Facebook creeps me out.

2.    A neurosurgeon discovers hope and healing in the face of a terminal diagnosis.

3.    How to email.

3.    While Globalism is a buzzword this election season, some argue it will lead to one world order.

4.    Does morning sickness prevent miscarriage?

5.    On the publication of her 10th cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey, The Barefoot Contessa hostess discusses the book’s namesake (her husband) Jeffrey and shares some of her favorite things.

6.    How to host a crappy dinner and see your friends more often.

7.    Travel hacks.

8.    Is this the best chili recipe on the internet?

9.    Everything you need to know about SpaceX’s plan to colonize Mars.

10.  An awesome interview with Sara Blakely of Spanx fame, who incidentally is the youngest self-made female billionaire.

11.  This article why practice doesn’t make perfect had me thinking.

12.  This mineral relieves headaches, eases anxiety, and curbs sugar.

13.  Make this smoky sweet potato and apple soup for a fall event.

14.  Eight ways to put anyone at ease.

15.  Are men intimidated by smart women?

16.  I wish I had effortless hair.

17.  Broadway’s best bets for fall.

18.  On the beauty of why it’s important to have friends of all ages.

19.  How to prevent hackers from stealing your airline miles.

20.  These pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls are great for brunch.

21.  Helping children avoid the comparison trap.

22.  Fall’s most anticipated books.

23.  Why your handwriting keeps changing, even in adulthood.

24. The town that solved suicide.

25.  Bruce Springsteen opens up about depression.

26.  50 best Food Network fan favorite recipe round-up.

Share what you read, watched, heard, or did that made you think twice in the comments.

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