Link Love

Rosemary Beach

Here are some great links to interesting articles for your weekend reading. I hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

P.S.  I made reading the links easier with a Readlist. It’s a great tool that will let you get the best Internet stories in one place bundled into an e-book you can send to your Kindle, iPad, or iPhone. Click here to download.

1.    The tragically short half-life of online empathy. (

2.    Have we reached a saturation point on Go Fund Me and Kickstarter campaigns?

3.    The secret life of 40 year olds. (

4.    Daily habits of people with flawless skin. (

5.    Aziz Ansari’s touching tribute to his parents. (

6.    Why does Belgium produce so many jihadists? (

7.    It’s time to record our grandparents history. (

8.    Taking antibiotics can change the gut microbiome for up to a year. (

9.    An attempt to make sense of the vigilante battle between Anonymous’ messy cyberwar against ISIS. (

10.  What it was like to be a Sony employee when the company was hacked. (

11.  When to book your airline ticket. (

12.  Download Google Maps new offline maps and you won’t have to pay a dime for data charges in a foreign city. (

13.  After attacks, the soul of Paris endures. (

14.  The magical way cereal is made. (

15.  How to take good pictures with your phone. (

16.  How to fix your roots. (

17.  21 recipes that will put your Thanksgiving leftovers to good use. (

18.  How to talk to strangers. (

19.  What happened to hobbies? (

20.  Whether you’re new to daily journaling or you’re a seasoned pro, here are a list of 20 prompts to get you started or keep you inspired. (


My Favorite Things November Edit: Travel Blanket/Scarf + Perfect Tote for Women + Kindness Campaign +  Bone Broth Delivery + Books + Music + More Fun!

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Do you have a hobby? Tell me about it in the comments!

P.S. I enjoy baking and taking cooking classes.

  • I think I’d categorize blogging as a hobby but I’m like you I love to bake. I’ve never taken a cooking class but I’ve wanted to. I know they have them at Whole Foods. I enjoy traveling and trying new restaurants!