10 Hot Books to Read This Summer

Summer Reading List

Today I have 10 great books to read this summer to share with you. The books on this list are great for reading on the beach, while flying somewhere for a summer vacation, or just relaxing at home on a lazy summer day. I also include a fabulous smoothie recipe book that is perfect for a healthy treat on a hot summer day. I hope you find some inspiration for your summer reading. 

1.    ALIVE | BY SCOTT SIGLER: This book follows the adventures of Em, a spunky kid who awakens to discover that she’s been sealed in a coffin, with no idea how she got there. Clawing her way out, she finds herself in a room lined with caskets, most of them filled with dead kids. But there are a few other survivors, and before long Em is leading them on a desperate search for answers in an alien world. It’s hard to do justice to Alive because the story holds so many twists and turns and surprises that I don’t want to spoil it.

2.    STIR: MY BROKEN BRAIN AND THE MEALS THAT BROUGHT ME HOME | BY JESSICA FECHTOR: Jessica Fechtor’s writes the popular food blog, Sweet Amandine. Jessica’s new book reminds us how fragile life can be; how we’re all one moment away from potential catastrophe. It also tells how her love of food grounded her, healed her and brought her back. Jessica was a bright young P.h.D. candidate at Harvard, recently married and looking forward to starting a family, when seemingly out of nowhere, she suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage and aneurysm. Her new book about her injury and her journey back is a story of resilience and love with delicious recipes.

3.    FORGIVING THE UNFORGIVABLE | BY DAVID STOOP:  What do we do when confronted with the unforgivable, an act that shakes our moral foundations to their roots, often committed by someone trusted and loved? Those with wounded hearts, painful memories, and broken relationships can find healing and hope from the pain and bitterness of unforgiveness. Dr. David Stoop has a gift of teaching the reader that it is possible to forgive even the worst of offenses. The chapter on Forgiving Yourself is really good.

4.    THE LAST PILOT | BY BENJAMIN JOHNCOCK: The Last Pilot is a moving story about Jim Harrison, an Air Force test pilot in the 1950s, and his wife, Grace. It details how the couple is forced to deal with a horrible tragedy and the aftermath it leaves behind. I couldn’t put it down, nor will you.

5.    THE BLENDER GIRL SMOOTHIES: 100 GLUTEN_FREE, VEGAN, AND PALEO-FRIENDLY RECIPES | BY TESS MASTERS: This is my favorite new smoothie recipe book. It includes 100 of the blender girl’s favorite smoothie recipes designed to fit your every need, whether you want to detox, lose a few pounds, get energized, or guard against seasonal colds. All of the recipes are gluten-free and vegan (egg-free and dairy-free), and many are also soy-free, nut-free, and paleo-friendly.

6.    K-GIRLS: FIRST IN THE “KYLEMORE ABBEY SCHOOL” SERIES” | BY LYDIA LITTLE: The story takes place at a girl’s boarding school at the historic and incredibly magical Kylemore Abbey in Ireland. Readers of all ages who relish tales of adventure and mystery with a paranormal twist will enjoy K-Girls.

7.    ENGLISH SPYBY DANIEL SILVA: Art restorer, assassin, and secret agent Gabriel Allon returns in Daniel Silva’s latest thriller, The English Spy.  After a British princess is killed in a mysterious yacht explosion, Gabriel Allon hunts for the murderer. If you enjoy reading international spy thrillers, this one’s well worth reading. You also can start with this title if you did not read any of the previous books in the series.

8.    SHADOW DIVERS: THE TRUE ADVENTURE OF TWO AMERICANS WHO RISKED EVERYTHING TO SOLVE ONE OF THE LAST MYSTERIES OF WORLD WAR II | BY ROBERT JURSON: Shadow Divers is a true tale of riveting adventure in which two weekend scuba divers risk everything to solve a great historical mystery and make history themselves. Read this one if you enjoyed Into Thin Air and The Perfect Storm.

9.    BULL MOUNTAIN | BY BRIAN PANOWICH: This is an intense and expertly told multigenerational story of blood ties and bonds stronger than kinship. It also explores how the sins of fathers are borne by their sons and what happens when someone down the line wants redemption or revenge. I highly recommend Bull Mountain, it won’t let you go til the last page, and even then, you’ll want more.

10.  THE KIND WORTH KILLING | BY PETER SWANSON: On a night flight from London to Boston, Ted Severson meets the mysterious Lily Kintner. When Ted reveals that he’d like to kill his wife, Lily responds with, “I think you should,” and agrees to help him. The two begin to make plans.  Ted is excited at first but becomes wary as he and Lily delve deeper and deeper into a fatal game of cat and mouse. Fans of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train will enjoy this thriller.

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Summer Reading List

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